Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – VC012

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification is the “Survival-kit” teaching anyone the nuts and bolts of fundamental Lean and Six Sigma concepts and the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) process improvement methodology.

The learning outcomes cover principles that apply to everyone in an organization requiring a clear, practical understanding of continuous improvement best practices as a sound basis for identifying and correcting problems. It also provides skills for mapping processes and collecting data, important groundwork for continuous improvement projects to be effective.

The training is highly interactive and includes many exercises and simulations that demonstrate how waste and variation occurs in a process and more importantly, how to use Lean and Six Sigma tools to eliminate to learn to see processes, value and waste, make data-based decisions, set clear goals and targets and break down organizational barriers and silos to drive greater operational efficiency.

How you benefit:

  • Acquire the mindset and knowledge of basic Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to be able to create the foundation for continuous improvement
  • Learn how to solve problems in any setting by understanding the fundamentals of process variation and waste and its affect on organizational performance
  • Equip you with a methodology, Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) roadmap to identify and correct problems
  • Discover how to measure and put continuous improvement thinking into actions
  • Apply new skills for collecting and analyzing data and a toolkit to deliver continuous improvement results.

Participant profile:

Yellow Belt Training and Certification is designed for professionals from a wide range of industries and business dynamics (manufacturing, service or transactional) involved in business improvement, either as part of their everyday job role or as a project team member:

  • Who want to create the foundation to strengthen their organisation’s continuous improvement capability
  • Seeking to learn new problem solving approaches and skills to initiate and implement change

While individual participants are welcome, participation is encouraged from several individuals within the same organisation, who are current or potential members of a change implementation team.

Course Pre-requisites

Interest in developing basic continuous improvement skills

Exam and Certification

Online Exam: 20 questions
Duration: 30 min.
Pass mark: 70%

Achieve 70% pass mark in the Yellow Belt multiple choice final exam

Our Live Virtual Classroom courses leverage the power of technology to allow you to join from anywhere in the world to connect and engage live with instructor’s and peers just like in a classroom.

Featuring the same course content, world-class engaging, interactive teaching and diverse participants you can expect from face-to-face learning this new blended format includes virtual and online learning to deliver the insights and tools you need to bridge the gap between theory and real-life execution.

Delivered over 9 weeks that combines video lectures, real-life examples, discussions and quizzes to bring key concepts to life. Each week of content follows a very clear path to facilitate learning for busy professionals. Our learning platform allows participants to learn at their own pace during each week, by viewing the content, completing assignments and engaging in discussions, taking on average 2-4 hours per week to complete.

Last but not least, the course provides a ready-made support network via our online learning platform where you can get in touch with Master Black Belt experts and fellow participants facing similar challenges.

The online material allows you to complete a significant portion of work flexibly – at your own pace, wherever you might be. Preparation completed online is then pulled into Live Virtual sessions, helping you make the most out of your time in class to apply the learning and to ensure you fully understand the topics.

  • Purpose built instructional videos recorded in our media studio
  • Interactive exercises and quizzes
  • Cases, readings and additional resources
  • Online discussions, guided by Master Black Belt’s and teaching assistants

As a course participant, you will complete approximately 24 hours of online material supported by virtual instructor led sessions. We have split each block of preparation into manageable chunks of time.

Throughout the online preparation modules, there are discussion points which will be drawn upon during the virtual classroom sessions, ensuring a direct connection between learning online and in the classroom.

There are 3 live virtual sessions (each 3 hour duration). Like the other participants, you will bring your experiences to the classroom for in-depth and stimulating learning sessions with your fellow participants and Master Black Belt instructor’s, you will take a collaborative approach to the subject matter allowing you to;

  • Consolidate knowledge and understanding
  • Share your professional experience
  • Master Black Belt instructor’s challenge your ideas
  • Apply your knowledge to real-world cases

The core modules are structured progressively around the DMAIC methodology which allows you to apply learning from your course into the workplace rapidly. By accessing course materials at any time and leveraging the diversity of experience within your cohort, you’ll come up with innovative ideas and solutions to personalise the tools to your own situation and make an impact back at the workplace.

The breadth of topics covered in your core modules will give you the confidence to a clear set of priorities to create an action plan that can be used immediately upon your return at work.

  • Make a positive impact to change and improvement projects at your workplace
  • Adopt a learn by doing approach to apply learning outcomes to a real world scenario(s)

Curriculum and Course Format

Course Format
4 hours

Recognize why organizations use lean and six sigma, how they apply its philosophy and goals, and the origins and how non-value add activities and process inputs and outputs impact the larger organization.

Understand the relationship between lean and six sigma.

1.01  YB Course Introduction
1.02  Lean Six Sigma Overview
1.03  Introduction to Lean
1.04  The Origin of Lean
1.05  Foundations of Lean
1.06  What is Lean Quality?
1.07  Summary – Introduction to Lean
1.08  Six Sigma DMAIC Overview
1.09  Process Variation
1.10  Key Principles and Foundation
1.11   DMAIC Improvement Roadmap
1.12  Belt Structure for Skills Development
1.13  Summary – Six Sigma DMAIC Overview
1.14  Integration of Lean and Six Sigma to drive On- Time, On-Quality and On Cost performance


3 hours

Define the problem, the process and the customer needs.

2.1  Problem Definition
2.2  Define the Process – SIPOC Thinking
2.3  Understand Voice of Customer (VOC)
2.4  Summary – Define Phase


4 hours

Map the process and measure and baseline the current process performance.

3.1  Process Mapping
3.2  Develop Process Metrics
3.3  Collect Data
3.4  Data Visualization
3.5  Summary – Measure Phase


4 hours

Identify the root causes of problems and waste within the process.

4.1 Sources of Process Variation
4.2 Cause and Effect Analysis
4.3 Value and Non-value Add Analysis
4.4 Eliminating Waste
4.5 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
4.6 Summary – Analyze Phase

3 hours

Identify, select, implement and verify solutions to address root causes.

5.1 Generate Potential Solutions
5.2 Select the Best Solutions
5.3 Basic Lean Tools
5.4 Implementation Planning
5.5 Summary – Improve Phase


2.5 hours

Sustain the gains, establish visual management and a continuous improvement culture.

6.1 Key Elements of Process Management
6.2 Visual Management
6.3 Summary – Control Phase

Learning Outcomes Reviewed
Quizzes Segmented and embedded during and at the end of each DMAIC Phase

3 hours

Final Exam Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
0.5 hours
Total Estimated Time to Complete Yellow Belt E-Learning Modules

24 hours

Next Course Starting in

E-Learning Modules

24 Hours

Instructor-led Live Virtual Sessions

9 Hours


Session 1​


Session 2​


Session 3​


Virtual Instructor-led sessions take place live via Zoom between 09:30 to 12:30 BST / 08.30 to 11:30 UTC

Estimated time to complete

33 Hours

Course Fee

£ 565

What's Included

  • 24 hours eLearning with Integrated Roadmaps and Quizzes (12 month access)
  • Additional 9 hours Instructor-led Virtual Classroom
  • 12 month free access to Yellow Belt Bootcamp Learning Platform, Toolkit, Case Studies and Downloadable Resources
  • Yellow Belt Online Exam and Electronic Certificate
  • Unlimited Practice Exams and Re-sits free of charge
  • Email Tutor support via discussion groups
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Course Includes

  • 15 Modules
  • 31 Topics
  • 37 Tests